Clevedon marine lake swim.

This was my first outdoor water sea swim. It was done at Clevedon marine lake. I had a great time and if you’re interested keep reading.

We had to bring a wetsuit as this was our first time in open water swimming, we also had to have earplugs, a swimming hat and goggles. We were told to put lots of vaseline on our neck but I didn’t and I certainly should have as my neck was sore the entire swim. It also stung until the end of next week. We started off strong I was at the back of my group swimming side by side with my friend.

It was super fun we got to jump of this floating blue square, but there were jellyfish in the water so every once in a while you would hear someone scream “AAAHH Jellyfish!”

But towards the end my neck got really really sore. I spoke to one of the teachers and me and my friend got out to take our wetsuits off. My friend didn’t want to go back in but i was having too much fun to stop. So I got back in without a wetsuit to do my final laps of Clevedon.

I had a really good time and it was a great introduction to open water swimming.

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